Environmental Management Plans

We consider the environmental management and maintenance to be a critical element to ensure the establishment and longer-term success of your project. The natural world is a dynamic and complex system, and we apply our deep understanding of landscape and ecology, along with consideration of other disciplines in the preparation of environmental management plans.


Landscape and Ecological Management Plans (LEMPs)

A LEMP is a plan which covers the management of a site prior to construction, through the construction period and post completion. Ideally, it forms an integral part of the design process where the planning for the establishment and long term is considered from the start. It comprises graphics and written material and should be easy to read and understand.

Typically, it covers the following stages.

  • Features to be Managed. The purpose is to understand the important existing landscape and wildlife habitats and any protected species, vegetation, heritage, and other important considerations.
  • Aims and Objectives. The description of the scheme proposals and short-, medium- and long-term management aims of the plan.
  • Maintenance Operations. Identify those responsible for maintenance and the works schedules for pre-start, during construction and post construction stages. A description of the management operations to all the hard and soft landscape elements and habitat assets.
  • Monitoring and Remedial Measures. Description of monitoring and reporting during the construction and post completion. Actions for any remedial works which may be required.


Landscape Maintenance Schedules

Schedules of hard and soft materials proposed in a design and proposals for their short-, medium- and long-term management.



We can prepare management plans for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), for heathland, grassland and woodland, wildfire risk reduction, Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) in areas close to Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and other habitats and sensitive environments.

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