Infrastructure and Minerals

​We are able to assist on a wide range of Infrastructure projects where landscape and ecology inputs are required.  These range from highways, communications, pipelines and power.  Increasingly, the planning and siting of these important networks involve landscape assessments and design as well as ecological surveys and mitigation. Similarly, for mineral extraction works, we can assist in planning the design of spoil tips and prepare restoration plans which are positive landscape and wildlife features.



We can help on highways schemes ranging from trunk roads through to residential streets. For large scale projects, we can provide the full suite of services from route option stage through to detailed landscape design and long-term management.  We can also design hard landscape elements including cycleways and pedestrian routes and prepare soft landscape designs for roadside and street planting (grassland for verges and embankments, trees, shrubs and scrub). We can offer advice on designs of engineering structure finishes, ground modelling, and green engineering techniques.


Communications, Pipelines, Minerals

We can assist in schemes requiring visual integration of communication masts and satellites. This may be through analysis of site location options and through soft and hard landscape proposals to screen.

For pipelines and services corridors, we can help with route design assessment and mitigation and restoration proposals.

Where minerals are mined or quarried, our skills can help in the assessment of proposals, screen planting, quarrying restoration plans (ROMPs) and spoil tip ground modelling.

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