Bats in Churches Class Licence

The problems presented by large bat populations roosting and breeding in churches are unique. On
one hand, churches are precious places of historic, cultural and religious importance that are
treasured by the communities and that use and enjoy them. On the other, bats are rare and
fascinating flying mammals that enjoy strong legal protection due to massive historic population
declines. Protecting these bat populations while ensuring their impacts upon churches is minimised
is a particular challenge

This is why a dedicated Bats in Churches Class licence has recently been released. This new licence is
being designed for use in churches where large bat populations are causing unacceptably high levels
of damage to church fabric and monuments and disruption to congregations. It will enable highly
skilled professional ecologists to work with those who care for churches to plan and then implement
work to reduce the impacts being caused while facilitating the best outcomes for bats and for the
buildings in which they live.


How Burton Reid can help with the Bats in Churches Class licence

Our Director, Jenni Reid has successfully become a registered Consultant under the Bats in Churches
Class licence and as such is able to support this process.

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