Hard and Soft Landscape

Design Approach

We can design solutions for all projects and have extensive experience in preparing hard and soft landscape designs.  We seek to always work with nature and the site whilst appreciating the constraints that budgets sometimes demands.

By working closely with the client and project team and identifying at the outset what is required alongside explaining how we can positively contribute, we believe that better outcomes are achieved. Our ‘joined up thinking’ approach can often lead to both cost effective and high-quality design.


Hard Landscape elements include the following.

  • Surfaces (paving, loose material, resin).
  • Enclosures (walls, fences, gates).
  • Street furniture (lighting, signage, seating).
  • Play (LAPs, LEAPs, NEAPs, MUGAs).
  • Sports (playing pitches, hard courts, multi-sport facilities).
  • Art (sculpture, bespoke street furniture).


Soft Landscape elements include the following.

  • Naturalistic and Habitats (woodlands, meadows and grasslands, heath, waterbodies and wetlands).
  • Amenity and Parks (trees, shrubs, herbaceous, hedging and screen planting, high and low maintenance grass, sports pitches).
  • Urban Landscape (street trees, living walls, roof gardens).



  • We can prepare a range of outputs including:

    • General Arrangement and Layout plans.
    • Topography, Levels and Setting Out plans.
    • Sketches and Cross Sections.
    • Materials Imagery.
    • Construction details.
    • Specification.

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