We believe in making the world a better place for people and nature, and are working hard to ensure that we are the generation that leaves the world in a better state than we found it for all future generations.

We work alongside anyone who believes that the built environment must not only co-exist with the natural world but enhance it, to create a balance for people, nature and our planet.

Our designs support health and wellbeing, access to nature, biodiversity gains and a carbon neutral forward-thinking society. We go beyond best practice to inspire others to achieve the best outcomes, delivering for us all.

We are here to ensure that all development, however big or small provides wins for people, place and nature, so that when we do build, we build for the future. For those clients who really do believe in making a difference, we are leaders in our field and the go-to consultancy for ecology and landscape architecture.

We have helped and encouraged our clients to deliver a built environment that delivers for people and nature and the projects we have worked on will contribute to the world being a safer place for future generations.

We want our clients to feel excited and inspired by what we do and by what we can achieve together, working alongside trusted, values-led partners to secure designs and solutions that work for you and the deliver for the world.

We want to encourage and support those who wish to do things differently but may not know where to start. Through our enthusiasm we inspire our clients to build a vision that they can feel confident in delivering.

Positively influencing our clients, inspiring them to see the long-term benefits of designing with nature in mind is our key philosophy and the driving force of all that we do.

Top 10 reasons for working at Burton Reid Associates

  1. We do not measure our success in terms of money

Our success isn’t measured by annual turn over or profit, it is measured by the wins we achieve for people and planet. This means that we can be free to choose who we work with and what projects we work on.


  1. We are a values-led company

Our employees share a common goal, to leave this planet in a better state than we found it. We only work with people who genuinely want to make a difference, however big or small.


  1. Space to shine

We like to give our employees the space to shine. Everyone within our company has a voice and all ideas within the team are valued and respected and by allowing our employees to concentrate on what they are really good at we get the best out of everyone.


  1. We really do believe that we can make a difference

We work tirelessly to make a difference in the world, however small that may be. By designing with nature in mind we create beautiful, harmonious places to live and breathe. All of our employees have a part to play.


  1. We care

We like to think big and aim for the best outcomes for people and nature refuse to work with people who don’t care about the environment. We all need to take responsibility to make the changes that are needed in this world and expect our employees to be exemplar champions of this philosophy.


  1. Health and wellbeing

We understand that our employees have a life outside of work and we offer flexible working arrangements to suit your needs. We also take our employees health and wellbeing seriously, offering training in mindfulness techniques and the occasional therapy vouchers.


  1. Innovation

We hire only the best, most visionary employees. We welcome innovation and encourage all employees to think outside of the box and to challenge the status quo.


  1. Idealism

We help our employees to support a charity or good cause by giving everyone time to volunteer. We will also support one local charity or community group each year as a company.


  1. Great people

We work hard to create a sense of belonging within the team, keeping in regular contact, and having fun wherever possible. We all genuinely enjoy working together.


  1. Treating our employees

We believe in spoiling our employees. We treat our employees well, this includes “working from home” subsidies, gift bags, good coffee, dinners and drinks and occasional concert tickets.


Current Vacancies

WE ARE HIRING Senior Grade Ecologists

We hire only the best, most visionary employees. We welcome innovation and encourage all employees to think outside of the box and to challenge the status quo.

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