​Masterplanning and Urban Design

Our landscape team can undertake masterplanning, visioning and urban design for projects from large to small scale, either as the lead designer or in a support role.  We have a strong understanding of the planning and development process and we believe that by collaboratively working together with clients and by joining forces with architects, engineers, ecologists, planners, or other specialist professionals, the best and most creative design solutions are achieved.


Our aim is to analyse, understand and enhance the green infrastructure, environment and landscape for people and the natural world. As well as creating beautiful and nature rich places to live and work, we also understand the need to meet the needs of clients and deliver solutions which are pragmatic, robust and effective.


Built Development and Green Infrastructure

Our comprehensive design skill sets span a wide spectrum of Masterplanning and Urban design categories for development. Proposals may be for brown and greenfield built development sites ranging from urban centres, mixed use, residential, employment, retail and commercial, educational, tourism.

We can also lead on the masterplanning of Green Infrastructure. Public open space, parks, country parks, sports complexes and pitches, countryside and rural schemes, Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), lakes and waterbodies, riverside and coastal.

‘Green infrastructure (GI) is a network of multifunctional green space, urban and rural, which is capable of delivering a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits for local communities.’ NationalPlanning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2019 (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 2019).

Multifunctional green and blue networks benefit both people and nature and are essential for thriving and sustainable communities. Research on the importance of access to green space for people’s health and wellbeing is well documented with current research finding links between a reduction in depression and obesity (Institute for European Environmental Policy 2017). Provision of these networks is also a vital response to climate change through the creation of low carbon neighbourhoods and to the ever-increasing threats to biodiversity through provision of improved links for biodiversity.

Public Consultation

We are skilled in undertaking public consultation, through preparation of material, attendance at workshops and events, responding to feedback. For small projects we can lead but would work with communications specialists on larger schemes.


We can prepare a range of outputs including:

  • Sketch Design and Concept Plans.
  • Illustrative Masterplans.
  • Land Use Plans.
  • Land Budget Plans.
  • Parameters Plans.
  • Design and Access Statements.
  • Sketches, Sections and Photomontages.

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