Vegetation clearance and manipulation

Burton Reid are equipped to undertake vegetation clearance to aid the delivery of our mitigation strategy on site. Our main areas of work are complete removal of vegetation from site and manipulation of vegetation to make it less attractive to particular species.

Although not necessarily part of a mitigation strategy, it may be necessary to remove scrub and trees from a site prior to construction. Our combination of ecological knowledge and land-based skills mean that we can undertake this kind of work safely, at the right time of year and using the correct methods to avoid damage to any protected species on site.

Vegetation manipulation is a phased reduction of habitat to make it less attractive to a species whilst ensuring no harm is done to the species. A good example of this can apply to an area of long grass in which surveys have identified a population of reptiles. During the active season, the area can be strimmed to a set height above ground level which makes the area much less attractive to reptiles. Following this, allowing time for the reptiles to move to an area close by which has retained suitable habitat, the area is strimmed again to ground level to stop any reptiles returning. It is important that the grass is kept cut close to ground level to maintain its unfavourable condition for reptiles.

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